Classic No.8.0b Power Amplifier

No.8.0b is an update version of No.8.0 whose appearance is same as No.8.0.

The improved items include circuit structure, parameter, chosen components, arrangement for circuit board, inside construction and electromagnetic radiation, etc. All of these make it more rationalized and reach an anticipative design purpose.

No.8.0b uses the PCB with copper foil of 2ounce. It adopts large-area ground screen and widens fused stannum at the place where large current go through. It employs Japanese Toshiba high power transistors, Rubycon MUSE electrolytic capacitors, German WIMA MKS capacitors and customized polystyrene capacitors and metal film resistors from appointed factory. The resistors that are relevant to closed loop use metal resistors with error amount of 1%. High power resistors are Japanese KOA foil non-inductive ones. R-shaped 260Wtransformer is specially designed. There are double power supply system, electronic filtering in voltage amplifier and full-function IC protection circuit. Its front panel made of sheet aluminum is 10mm in thickness. The chosen transistors¡¯ brand names and models were compared over and over again before they ware adopted.

No.8.0B¡¯ sound representation: full and mellow at low frequency, rich timbre texture at mid -frequency and high frequency and charming musical richness. So it can match more kind of loudspeakers.


  • Rated Output Power:150W(8ohm RMS) 240W(4ohm RMS)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+N):0.005%(1KHz 120W RMS 8ohm) 0.005%(10KHz120W RMS 8ohm)
  • Frequency Response:5Hz-140KHz(-3db 120W RMS)
  • Gain:28.7db
  • Load Impedance:4ohm-16ohm
  • Input Sensitivity:1.27V(0db)
  • Input Impedance:56Kohm
  • S/N:=95db(Without weight)
  • Input Interfaces:RCA 1group
  • Power Voltage:Customized according to different mains in different countries and regions.
  • Static Consumption:55W
  • Dimensions:430mm(W)X80mm(H)X385mm(D)
  • Packing size:500mm(W) X 160mm(H) X 470mm(D)
  • Net Weight:11Kg
  • Cross weight: 13Kg

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